Our Software Engineering services encompass a wide range of capabilities, from Windows and Linux development to microcontrollers and embedded processors. Cantada’s software engineers have the capabilities to design, implement, and test software applications that run on web servers, mobile platforms, workstations, and embedded systems.


Cantada provides a wide range of robust capabilities for the most demanding customers. We enable our customers to secure critical systems, design cutting-edge hardware, build and maintain challenging and complex software systems, and perform vulnerability analysis of mission systems. Cantada has the knowledge and experience to ensure success.


Since our inception, Cantada has led the industry in network security, vulnerability research, and hardening of embedded systems. Our customers consider us forerunners within the industry. Building upon our vast experience with the inner workings of servers, workstations, mobile devices, and embedded computer systems; our cyber security staff can dissect, analyze, and report how systems are put together and how they can be taken apart.


Our Hardware Engineering team brings a unique understanding and practical exposure to RF and microwave communication systems, antennas, printed circuit boards and micro-electronics. Cantada can design, prototype, build, test, deliver, and deploy a solution to answer our customers most complex and challenging problems. Our engineers have the experience and resolve to exceed the expectations of our customer while delivering solutions that are on time and within budget.


We provide custom data analysis consulting and solutions development for all sized customers both in the Government and Private sectors. Our services include development and technical support for ELASTIC, SPLUNK, data analysis, data visualization development designed for the unique challenges stemming for “Big Data” management.


Our Engineering services continue even after the development phase. Cantada’s test engineering team has the experience and knowledge to ensure our systems work in the most austere and aggressive environments.


Cantada’s Facility Security Engineer can help you start and complete the complicated e-FCL process and act as your Alternate Facility Security Officer (AFSO)

  • E-FCL process
  • Security policies and procedures
  • Self-Inspections and Formal Inspections
  • Review SF-86 PCL Security paperwork for accuracy
  • Work with DSS on your behalf

Our Team

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    Co-Founder and CEO

    About DAN TEJADA

    Dan graduated in 1990 United States Naval Academy with a degree in Electrical Engineering and accepted a commission as a naval officer in the nuclear submarine force. After seven years in the Navy, Dan moved on to the world of defense contracts as a hardware engineer at a military communications site in northern England. He worked on satellite antennas and communications systems gaining valuable experience all while earning his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Leeds. After years of continued success Dan started his first consulting practice at his home with a couple of PCs, a soldering iron, a whiteboard, and lots of crazy ideas. For the first time in his career, his success and income was measured by his ability to do engineering. He also enjoyed the freedom of getting paid for working by the hour allowing him to take off and go skiing when 6 inches of powder dropped out of the sky the night before. Rather, he just didn’t get paid for that day and could work that night or the next Saturday without asking for permission. This idea of personal freedom of being a consultant would shape the future of Cantada and become its core value.

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    Co-Founder and Vice President


    After Seth served four years in the US Air Force working in the C5A/B Galaxy with the 436AMS, he relocated to England and took a job working for Ford Aerospace fixing everything and anything. It was in England that Seth soon realized that hardware was obsolete and that software – running on Solaris (at the time) – would rule the world. Seth met Dan and they teamed up on a prototyping effort that ended up working pretty well. Based on that success, Seth and Dan recognized that software needs hardware and hardware needs software. Seth returned to the US to do a stint with ManTech in Sarasota Florida. There he learned that C++ was getting old and that Java and XML would rule the world. In 2003 (April 1st) Seth and Dan formed Cantada, Inc – with the premise of providing a mission-focused environment where engineers could engineer and make a difference with our customers and themselves

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    Principal Engineer


    After serving 11 years in the United States Air Force Tom received his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida. Tom has over 25 years’ experience with RF, Digital, FPGA and Power Circuit design. He has multiple embedded cable modem designs, all of which have passed the Cable Labs certification process. He designed a mixed signal ASIC which was instrumental in shipping over 100,000 monitoring devices into Cable TV outside plant systems. Tom has held the positions of Director of Engineering at Cheetah Technologies, Senior Principal Engineer with Acterna and currently is a Principal Engineer at Cantada where he is responsible for New Product Development. Tom is currently leading the development of Cantada’s Satellite equipment suite of products; L-band amplifiers, multiplexors, power insertion and fiber optic transmission modules.


Cantada is currently seeking talented and motivated individuals to enhance our team. Join Cantada and be embraced by a culture that rewards hard work, encourages creativity, fosters communication, and invites technical challenges.


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