Ground Station Automation

Cantada has a long history of providing robust and innovative communications solutions for our customers.  We attribute our success to a dogged pursuit of developing maximized efficiency at the lowest possible price point. Cantada solutions are fully realized and have been designed with scalability in mind. You can rest easy knowing that the entry level solution you purchased to meet your needs today, can scale to meet the demands of tomorrow.


  • 12 Independent Antenna Channels
  • 4 way or 1 way L Band breakout to modem per channel
  • 10MHz input distributed and multiplexed out to LNB
  • Redundant 24VDC/2.0A per channel multiplexed out to LNB
  • Field ajustable L Band path gain per channel (-10 to +20dB in 2dB steps)
  • Field adjustable 10MHz gain per channel (-15 to +15dB in 2dB steps)
  • Antenna DC short circuit protection and indication per channel
  • Upgradeable to 24 channels

12-Channel-ISCAD-Panel Data Sheet

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