Engineering Services

Cantada provides a wide range of robust capabilities for the most demanding customers.  We enable our customers to secure critical systems, design cutting-edge hardware, build and maintain challenging and complex software systems, and perform vulnerability analysis of mission systems.  Cantada has the knowledge and experience to ensure success.

Cyber Security

Since our inception, Cantada has led the industry in network security, vulnerability research, and hardening of embedded systems. Our customers consider us forerunners within the industry.  Building upon our vast experience with the inner workings of servers, workstations, mobile devices, and embedded computer systems; our cyber security staff can dissect, analyze, and report how systems are put together and how they can be taken apart.

Software Engineering

Our Software Engineering services encompass a wide range of capabilities, from Windows and Linux development to microcontrollers and embedded processors.  Cantada’s software engineers have the capabilities to design, implement, and test software applications that run on web servers, mobile platforms, workstations, and embedded systems.

Hardware Engineering

Our Hardware Engineering team brings a unique understanding and practical exposure to RF and microwave communication systems, antennas, printed circuit boards and micro-electronics. Cantada can design, prototype, build, test, deliver, and deploy a solution to answer our customers most complex and challenging problems.  Our engineers have the experience and resolve to exceed the expectations of our customer while delivering solutions that are on time and within budget.

Test Engineering

Our Engineering services continue even after the development phase. Cantada’s test engineering team has the experience and knowledge to ensure our systems work in the most austere and aggressive environments.