Dan Tejada, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dan has over 25 years in the defense and intelligence sectors.  He graduated in 1990 from the United States Naval Academy with a degree in Electrical Engineering.  After graduation Dan began his career as a Nuclear Submarine Engineering officer.  In the Navy, Dan received his nuclear engineering designation while serving aboard the USS Tautog.  He lead the nuclear mechanical and reactor controls divisions ensuring safe and reliable nuclear plant engineering.

After seven years in the nuclear Navy, Dan resigned his commission and entered the Satellite Communications field. As a communications hardware engineer at a military communications site in Northern England, he designed, built, and maintained several satellite antennas and communications systems. Dan earned his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Leeds, with a concentration in Digital Communications and High Frequency Engineering.  In England teamed up with Seth Cantrell to lead an initiative to design and develop a ground breaking  Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum signals.

Upon his return to the USA, Dan worked as the lead embedded software engineer at Invicta Networks, designing several network security devices for the InvisiLAN product line.  Dan worked on printed circuit board designs for the embedded devices and implemented much of the embedded firmware and device drivers.

After Invicta, Dan worked as an engineering consultant who specialized in analog circuit design, RF systems, and embedded device firmware.  Dan’s leadership and engineering vision enabled dozens of customers to turn their complex engineering designs into successful products and programs.

In 2003, Dan joined with Seth Cantrell and incorporated as Cantada.  Over the course of 10 years, Dan conceived, architected, and oversaw many of the key projects that enabled many customers to achieve several mission successes, industry firsts, and patents.   Over the last ten years Dan has implemented the vision and values that would lead to the growth and success of Cantada.  Cantada has grown across multiple customers and Dan continues to manage the operations of Cantada.  Even now Dan stills enjoy getting into the trenches to hack devices, develop code, melt solder, bend antennas, and scribble on whiteboards.


Seth Cantrell, Co-Founder and Vice President

Seth’s entry into the industry started with an enlistment in the US Air Force in 1986. He served the majority of his time working in the C5A/B Galaxy with the 436AMS out of Dover AFB, Delaware.

In 1990, Seth relocated to England and took a job working for Ford Aerospace fixing everything and anything – Mountain Dew made those night-shifts fly by.   It was in England that Seth soon realized that hardware was obsolete and that software – running on Solaris (at the time) – would rule the world.

In 1998, Seth met Dan – Dan mistakenly believed that hardware ruled the world and he actually liked MS Windows. Some smart Program Manager (he was an Air Force SSgt) teamed up Dan and Seth on a prototyping effort that ended up working pretty well. Based on that success, Seth and Dan decided to overlook each other’s perceived weaknesses and they both recognized that software needs hardware and hardware needs software.

In 1998, Seth returned to the US to do a stint with ManTech in Sarasota Florida. There he learned that C++ was getting old and that Java and XML would rule the world.

In 2003 (April 1st) Seth and Dan formed Cantada, Inc – with the premise of providing a mission-focused environment where engineers could engineer and make a difference with our customers and themselves.


Thomas Pichieri, Principal Engineer

Thomas Pichieri career began by serving for 11 years in the United States Air Force. While in the Air Force he worked on maintenance support at a remote radio relay site in Italy and a radar site in Turkey. Tom worked on secure cryptographic and message processing system support for Mobile Communications with the 3rd Combat Communication Group out of Tinker AFB. Tom finished his service while providing ground support for F-16 pilots at the 63rd Fighter Training Squadron stationed at MacDill AFB. He left the Air Force in 1992 after the first Gulf War, “Operation Desert Storm”.

Tom received his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Florida in 1994. Tom has over 25 years’ experience with RF, Digital, FPGA and Power Circuit design. He has multiple embedded cable modem designs, all of which have passed the Cable Labs certification process. He designed a mixed signal ASIC which was instrumental in shipping over 100,000 monitoring devices into Cable TV outside plant systems. Tom has held the positions of Director of Engineering at Cheetah Technologies, Senior Principal Engineer with Acterna and currently is a Principal Engineer at Cantada where he is responsible for New Product Development. Tom is currently leading the development of Cantada’s Satellite equipment suite of products; L-band amplifiers, multiplexors, power insertion and fiber optic transmission modules.