Mission Oriented, Employee Focused

Cantada values our customer’s needs and mission. Together we work with our customers through every step of the engineering process to accomplish mission goals. We put everything we have into every customer’s project, big or small. This simple philosophy is our guiding principle and fuels our success. Cantada also takes great pride in knowing that our greatest asset is the devoted, talented, and diverse employees whose creativity, passion and problem solving skills have produced some of the most innovative products in the industry.

We Want our Engineers to Stay Excited About Their Work

Cantada provides our engineers with the freedom and opportunity to grow by working across disciplines, creating the excitement and energy that we value.   Through this professional development, our Engineers gain an appreciation for how they make a difference!

We Think Outside of the Box

Meeting our customer’s needs has led us to innovate and solve our customer’s toughest challenges. They have given us some of their most difficult problems and we have consistently recommend  outside the box solutions to answer our customer’s most demanding tasks.

We Strive to be Humble and Listen

Despite our success, we try not to let it go to our head. This means we keep our nose down and continue to listen to our customers, our colleagues, and our families. We take criticism seriously where warranted and learn from it so we can improve and grow.

We Strive to be Honest and Shoot Straight

In all of our dealings we will do what we say we are going to do. We like to communicate in the most straightforward and honest way we can with no hidden agendas or double talk.

We Value our Employees’ Time and Respect their Freedom

Our compensation and benefits packages are simple and flexible. On those projects that require long days, we understand your time is valuable so we pay you for every hour you work. We are accommodating when it comes to time off.